Our Services

Service #1


  • We want to put everything in writing in order to protect you and our contractors . This will be a contract signed and approved by the business owner or manager and our client. 
  • Many customers at times do not get exactly what they were expecting and then get billed for more work that was expected in first place, the same can go for contractors, they don't get paid for changes or extra work that we never discussed with one another, therefore it is important we all stay on the same page and protect our clients and contractors with a signed contract by both parties.

Service #2


  • We have a the right person or crew for any job commercial or residential. Too many customers trust just anyone at times and give contractors half the money to start a job and next thing you know nobody showing up to work. 
  • We want to protect your investment and make sure to keep our contractors on what we call a hungry enough to show up to work and at the same time not worried about bills therefore we do draws as work is being shown and made progress once a week or twice a month depending on size of project.  

Service #3


  • We are licensed and insured for Commercial and Residential services up to 1.000.000 and 2.000.000 Aggregate. 
  • We want to make sure you will be happy with any services we do for our valuable customers